Griffin Monolift

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Lift-offs made easier and safer. Gone are the days of having to step back for squats or awkwardly unrack for bench. Built exclusively for the GR3 power rack, these are easily adjusted, compact, and feature a spring-loaded mechanism that eliminates the need for a bulky counterweight system.

Shipping ETA: Late February/Early March 2022.

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GRIFFIN Monolift Attachment

The Griffin Monolift attachments are a perfect accessory for your power rack and eliminate the need to walk out for your squat or get a lift-off. As a result you get to save energy and preserve your joints, while being able to easily attach and adjust them to your desired height with the j-cup style pin. These new monolifts are smooth in function––and in form.

What makes the Griffin Monolift attachment drastically different is its hidden tension spring that allows the hooks to automatically move away as soon as the bar is lifted and stay in place until you are ready to re-rack, without the use of clunky counterweights. Because the hooks quickly fold away, you can start your lift immediately without delay and safely re-rack your barbell. The angled hooks make re-racking your barbell easier and are also lined with UHMW plastic to protect your barbell.

  • Clean, compact design
  • Made of solid steel with a weight capacity of 1,000lbs
  • Easily adjustable and stored away
  • Tension spring mechanism and catch hook with a smooth bearing
  • UHMW in the j-cup design and on the hooks for barbell and upright protection
  • Can be used inside or outside the rack*

* We strongly recommend using the Griffin Monolift Attachment with strap safeties or spotter arms on a rack that is securely anchored to the ground or at the very least has front foot extensions installed. *


WEIGHT16 lbs each
STEEL SPECS.25″ and .5″


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Griffin Monolift
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