GR3 Lite 92″ Rack Extension W/ Weight Storage

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Versatile and easy to use, our GR3 landmine attachment is the perfect accessory for your GR3 rack and any barbell. Simply attach it to an upright and get a full body workout. Level up your landmine workout with our parallel landmine handle.

GR3 Lite Uprights – 92″ (Black)

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GR3 Lite Crossmembers – 16″ (Black)

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GR3 Lite 6″ Weight Horn Pair × 2

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GR3 Lite 12″ Weight Horn Pair × 3

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The GR3 landmine attachment is a compact accessory that features powder-coated steel and a 11.5” tube length. Once you insert a standard olympic barbell, you have a stable station for all kinds of exercises including landmine rows, landmine presses, squats, Russian twists, bent over rows, push jerks, deadlifts, and single-arm work. This landmine attachment is specifically designed to fit our GR3 racks and have a 1” pin design.




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