GR3 Lite Flat Sandwich J-Cups

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These sleek flat sandwich j-cups are heavy-duty and offer full barbell and rack protection. Lined with top-quality UHMW, these j-cups feature a subtle laser cut Griffin, larger opening to fit all barbell sizes, and a taller design for easier re-racking.

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The GR3 Lite flat sandwich j-cups are forces to be reckoned with. Unlike most standard j-cups on the market, these offer full protection for barbells of all sizes. Our flat sandwich j-cups are compatible with our GR3 Lite rack and feature a 5/8” pin design. You will never have to worry about knocking a j-cup loose when re-racking due to the locking mechanism that fastens to two sides of the upright. These are ideal for anyone with larger diameter barbells, specialty barbells, or are lifting large amounts of weight. Our upgraded j-cups are now taller than before and we’ve also improved security by bending the metal as opposed to welding.


WEIGHT5 lbs (each)


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GR3 Lite Flat Sandwich J-Cups
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