Griffin Monolift Attachment 2.0

4.80 out of 5
(5 customer reviews )

Say goodbye to awkward lift-offs during your workouts and bulky counterweight systems. Gone are the days of having to step back for squats or awkwardly unrack for bench. The Griffin Monolift Attachment is now beefier and more versatile than ever. This new version retains its first-in-class compact design and signature-loaded mechanism, but now has even more thoughtful details that make lifting that much easier and safer. Simply unrack your bar and the springs swing back to the original position. Now available for 1″ and 5/8″ 3″x3″ racks.

GRIFFIN Monolift Attachment

Our upgraded Monolift Attachment 2.0 is a game-changer. This next-gen attachment gives you a way to easily unrack and rerack your loaded bar without having to liftoff or walk the bar out. With our version 2.0, we’ve made some awesome improvements to make the attachment even better. Now the monolift has a longer reach, the ability to lock the hooks so you can use them like traditional j-cups, and a bigger hook so there’s a larger area for your barbell to rest. We also added more UHMW protection around the entire hook to protect your barbell. Other additions include a chromed pin to prevent scratching your upright and another pin to secure the attachment t the rack so there’s no side-to-side swinging.


  • More than 50% lighter than other attachments on the market which makes them way easier to move
  • Compact, spring-loaded design eliminates clunky counterweights
  • Ability to lock the hooks in place to use as traditional j-cups
  • Chromed pin to prevent scratching uprights
  • New satin black finish
  • Option to secure the attachment to the rack with a pin so there’s no swinging side to side


FINISHSatin Black
WARRANTYLimited Lifetime Warranty

5 reviews for Griffin Monolift Attachment 2.0

  1. 5 out of 5


    Awesome monolift attachment!
    It is very light weight and compact but also very strong and durable at the same time.

    I own the REP fitness monolift and the biggest problem with those, and most other competitors, is the giant hockey stick style.
    It makes it extremely heavy and difficult to move around and is way too bulky.
    I have also smashed my head into it so many times….ow…
    -GRIFFIN’s use the spring style which is so much better and eliminates all these problems.

    Also, another big problem with REP’s model is that after putting weight on the bar, the monolifts barely bring the bar out (still way too close to the rack).
    example: when squatting, I would still have to do a little shuffle walk back which eliminates the purpose of the monolift.
    -GRIFFIN’s style pulls the bar out much more and works exactly how a monolift should work.

    Overall, for the price, these are the best hands down!
    You will not regret getting these.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I sold my rogue adjustable monolifts to purchase these. They are better than the Rogue in every way. Much better build quality and much easier to use. They are a lighter in weight and without the space hogging, ugly counterweight at the top like with the rogue monololifts. I can’t recommend these enough for especially anyone who’s coming from Rogue or Titan monolifts.

  3. 5 out of 5


    Well, I waited patiently for these to come back in stock and now I’m the proud owner of these beauties. I didn’t realize how handy they would be til I tried them on my own rack (PR-5000v2). The hype is real and they live up to all claims. They only weigh 16 lbs ea. and take up very little real-estate on the rack. I’m no expert on monolifts, but I couldn’t be happier! Benching in the rack has never been sweeter; very nice lift-off distance… (3-29-2023)

  4. 4 out of 5

    Dan Hermann

    I’ve been using these for about six months for bench pressing and they are excellent for eliminating the need for a lift-off. Combined with safety straps (Griffin, of course), I can safely train bench press at the limit without a spotter. My only complaint, and the reason for four stars instead of five, is that the UHMW does not fully cover the tip of the hook. On a wobbly lift, it is not uncommon for the barbell to come into contact with that part of the monolift and unfortunately, both my barbell knurling and the monolift have the scars to prove it. It seems like an extra quarter inch of UHMW would be all that is necessary to eliminate the possibility of metal-on-metal contact there.

  5. 5 out of 5


    I purchased my Griffin Monolift attachment over a year ago, and I think they are great. I previously owned a Monolift from another reputable company and they were custom built for me. I did know that each monolift weighed over 38 pounds, which made it very difficult to attach to my Power Rack. I would need 2 people at times to help me as they were very awkward to put each one in place. (bulky and heavy) Also, moving them on and off the rack, as well as storage was a pain. They were very nice mono lifts just not conducive for my training where I am constantly moving them around for a variety of different exercises ie bench press, squats, shoulder press etc. The Griffin Monolifts are very light weight and very easy to move around when needed, they are not like the hockey stick style monolifts, these ones have a spring mechanism where they snap back into place after you take the barbell off the monolift so they are not in the way when you are completing your reps.
    I was looking at the Mutant Metal Monolifts as well, however these mono lifts were priced much more conservatively, and after previously spending over $500 for my other Monolifts I did not particularly want to spend that much again on new mono lift attachments.
    I almost alway’s use my monolfits for every lift, although I have many J-cups including a pair from Griffin Fitness, Rep Fitness, Oak Club, Irwin Fitness Roller J-Cups, Ghost Roller J-cups etc. I really only use my Griffin Fitness Monolift for each lift, I just find them very easy to use so I really don’t use my J-Cups anymore.
    Another note I would like to mention is I did purchase a set of ISO Arms/Lever Arms from Rep Fitness, as well as the Vendetta Strength Lever Arms attachment for my Power Rack. I use them quite often, however if the Griffin Fitness Lever/ISO Arms attachment were available back when I purchased the Rep Fitness Lever Arms, I would have definitely purchased the Griffin Fitness Lever arms as they have the versatility and adaptability that I was looking for previously, however they had not released their version yet. They are the one company that actually made the Lever Arms perfectly in my opinion.

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