GR3 80″ Rack Extension W/ Weight Storage

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Add more functionality to your 80″ GR3 power rack by adding an extension. Utilize the rack extension for weight storage, accessories storage, and add other attachments. The rack extension package comes with (2) 80″ uprights and (4) 16″ crossmembers.

GR3 Uprights – 80″ (Black)

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GR3 Crossmembers – 24″

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GR3 6″ Weight Horn Pair × 2

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GR3 12″ Weight Horn Pair × 3

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When it came down to designing the GR3, the ability to extend the rack and turn it into a 6-post was crucial. Like the base power rack, these components are made of 11-gauge steel with 1″ hardware. The rack extension allows you to utilize space effectively and easily load and unload your barbell. An added benefit of a rack extension with weight storage is that it adds more security to your rack, preventing tipping when loaded up with plates.




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