Griffin Competition Flat Bench


Meet the Griffin competition flat bench:
Heavy-duty and made to competition specifications.




For heavy lifters alike, this competition bench is meant to hold some serious weight with a capacity of 1,000lbs. Whether it’s bench pressing or dumbbell rows, this bench won’t get in the way. The height allows any lifter to use proper positioning of the feet to drive serious weight and the 4” pad adds dense support. Like our adjustable bench, this competition bench is extremely portable, coming with wheels and a handle. 


  • IPF competition spec bench
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • 4” thick pad
  • Welded metal endcaps
  • Easy to clean
  • Handle and wheels for mobility


FLAT DIMENSIONS 48" (L), 12" (W), 17" (H)
MATERIALSteel, Vinyl
WARRANTY30 Days on the Bench Pad and 10 Years on Bench Frame

3 reviews for Griffin Competition Flat Bench

  1. Jon

    I was nervous about ordering this bench given the complete absence of reviews, but I’m very glad I did. This flat bench is an absolute workhorse, and compares favorably to more expensive competition. As a plus, the visual branding is much more refined and subdued than most options at this price point, so it ends up having a premium feel even when compared to similar models.

  2. Eugene

    Probably the best flat bench on the market and you should not hesitate to buy. You won’t find another flat bench this good for this price point. You probably won’t find a better flat bench at all. The padding is wide, grippy, and firm, but not too firm. The bench is low enough to use leg drive, especially if your short like me. The tools provided don’t work well, so have a tool set handy. Griffin fitness nailed it with this bench.

  3. Gerald Trippy

    Best flat bench i have ever owned….i’m 67 …….50+ years lifting…….I hesitated on the incline, but that was an obvious mistake….I need that incline bench guys…..I would pay full price for one laying around there someplace!!!

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