GR3 Power Rack


92″ Uprights x 4

30″ Crossmembers x 4

Griffin Logo Plate

Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar

Pair of Safety Straps

Pair of Flat Sandwich J-Cups




Here at Griffin, we care about functionality and durability. That’s why we built our GR3 power rack with the best materials and premium attachments that come standard—so you can get a full workout with the upgraded attachments you know you already want want. Suitable for enthusiasts, athletes, and commercial gyms alike, our power rack stands the test of time and strength. 

Our GR3 power rack is currently available in our 92-inch height option in black. The power rack itself comes with the uprights, crossmembers, multi-grip pull-up bar, connecting logo plate, a pair of our flat sandwich j-cups, and strap safeties. If you don’t plan on bolting the rack to the ground, we recommend adding on the front foot extensions and spotter arms for extra stability when training outside the rack. If you’re looking to add to your setup, our current GR3 power rack attachments include a landmine attachment and spotter arms. We will be adding more in the future. Shop our attachments below.

The assembly of the GR3 power rack is fairly simple as we include the hardware you need. All of our equipment comes with a manual that outlines the tools needed for assembly and care instructions. 


STEEL NOTES3×3″ 11 Gauge Steel
FOOT PRINT36″ x 50.5″
WARRANTYLimited Lifetime Warranty on Frame,
2-Year on Attachments




PULl-Up Bar









  • Easy to assemble 3×3 setup
  • Perfect for home gyms, commercial gyms, schools, and stations
  • 11 gauge steel tubing with 1-inch diameter hardware
  • Laser-cut holes on all four sides
  • Numbering on the front and back of our uprights and sides of crossmembers
  • 2-inch hole spacing throughout the entire rack
  • Sleek logo plate for additional security and stability
  • Ability to upgrade to additional attachments that are exclusively made for this power rack
  • All of our attachments have protection for your barbells and the rack itself 
  • Load capacity: 1500lbs




Our power racks are powder-coated to ensure durability. The finish of the GR3 is matte black. To request other colors in our future lineup, submit a suggestion here.



The current height we offer for our power rack is 92 inches. Because the multi-grip pull-up bar has some height, you can always place the pull-up bar lower if you have height constraints or higher. Our uprights also include numbered holes on the front and back for ease of use. .



Features a satin black base crossmember with a laser cut “GRIFFIN” panel. Griffin red is the default panel color.


Includes holes on the sides of each upright and numbered holes on both sides, enabling a clear view from inside or outside of the rack.

Pull-up Bar

GR3 Multi-Grip Pull-up Bar

The GR3 multi-grip pull-up bar maximizes space and gives you multiple grip positions such as narrow, wide, neutral, pronated, and more. Made with heavy-duty steel, the multi-grip is leagues above a normal connecting pull-up bar.




Our flat sandwich j-cups give you full protection for your barbell’s knurling and provide ultimate security. These j-cups have a larger opening completely lined with our hard plastic and are ideal for oversized bars and lifting heavy loads.




Preserve your barbell with our safety-strap system. These high-quality reinforced nylon straps are held in place using heavy-duty bolts and are designed to catch your barbell anytime.


4 reviews for GR3 Power Rack

  1. brohrbacher4

    Shipment/Packaging: My shipment went out on 10/26/2020 and I received my rack on 11/3/2020. If you live all the way out on the east coast like I do, it will take some time for you to get your rack. The rack and accessories I ordered all arrived on a well made pallet. Everything was wrapped properly, boxed properly, and there was no damage whatsoever to my order. I highly recommend new buyers take everything out before transporting them to your desired gym space. There is a lot to open up and dispose of. Remember to recycle or keep the boxes for your cats and/or kids to play with for awhile.

    TL;DR A+ Shipping/Packaging

    Installation: You won’t receive any installation instructions in the box. Don’t freak out. They will send you some instructions via e-mail after you call them. I was told at some point they will have some official documentation. It was somewhat difficult for me to setup the rack on my own but I got it done. I highly recommend grabbing a friend or family member to help out. A lot safer. It took me about 4 hours to setup everything. My forearms got a pretty good workout tightening their bolts. I was sore for a couple of days but damn was it worth it.

    TL;DR: Will be a long process on your own. Grab some friends.

    Safety: The rack is extremely sturdy after you tighten everything up. I don’t have this thing bolted in the ground but I have no concerns about it going anywhere. I feel extremely safe with the spotter arms while I bench, the front foot extensions for when I climb on the rack like a monkey, and the safety-strap system is top notch. The steel is good and they coated it well so no worries here about rust. The welds looked pretty good as well.

    TL;DR Super safe.

    Usability: It’s the real deal and worth every penny. That’s all I have to say.

    Looks: 1.) Pictures don’t do it justice. Black and red is just such a great combo. 2.) Your friends and family will know you are pretty serious when they see this in person. Then they will ask to come over to use it. 3.) I’m always thinking about my next workout when I look at it.

    TL;DR: 10/10.

    Griffin’s Customer Service: Top notch. I had a lot of interaction with their team and I can’t say enough good things about them all. They answered all of my questions and listened to my suggestions. They leave a nice handwritten Quality Check card in your shipment welcoming you to the family.

    TL;DR Griffin is like two really close friends who consider family.

    The big ol question: Should I buy this rack?

    Yes. In fact you should have bought this 2 minute ago if you read everything.

  2. Brady

    Full disclosure, I was so impressed by this rack I sold my Titan x-3 flat foot to buy.

    This is an amazing value when you factor in all you get. The included attachments would cost you hundreds extra on any other site. DONT OVERPAY

    Simply, the rack is amazing, and you can tell that the minute you take any of the pieces out of their boxes.

    Assembly was a piece of cake, as there are only one type of bolt/nut/washer/tightening ring combo. You’ll definitely need a friend because of how hefty it is.

    Two things that impressed me the most were the powder coating on the rack (I’ve had steel plates hit the rack and zero signs of damage) and the overall lack of any blemishes.

    I don’t have any weight attacked to the rack, and it is not bolted down, and there is zero wiggle when doing pull-ups or core work when hanging. This is due to the extension arms which are an extra, but fully worth it if you’re in slab concrete like me.

    The rack has plenty of room for attachments, and doesn’t take up a massive footprint.

    Unfortunately, Griffin doesn’t make weight horns yet, so I bought the Titan series from Titan and they work perfectly.

    If I had room, I’d buy a second rack. Can’t wait to see what attachments come out

  3. Jared Saltz

    I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, exactly, when I ordered this rack. I’d watched and read a lot of reviews on other companies (Rogue, Titan, REP, Fray, etc) but hadn’t found as much in the way of reviews on Griffin. But I liked the specs, I liked the involvement I saw from a Griffin guy on Reddit, and the deal was fantastic. I’d almost pulled the trigger a few times, but the shipping was just too high to get it to me in Florida. But then you guys came out with the flat rate shipping and I saw the blemished rack was in stock and pulled the trigger (I bought one for myself and one for a buddy and shipped them together). I am beyond satisfied. This thing is incredible. It’s just as good as you might expect from the specs. The powder coat was fantastic, the holds were clean cut and well aligned, the packaging was strong and thoughtful, and even the little touches were exactly right. Things like including a set of wrenches in each pack of bolts so you aren’t looking for them or worried about losing them. The laser cut logos in the J-Cups. The laser cuts in the posts. The powder coat on the pullup bar is great.

    I’m incredibly happy with this purchase and have recommended it already to several friends who are looking into getting a full rack!


    I’ve had this rack for a few months now, and it is awesome. Quality build, and the included accesories (j-cups and safety straps) are usually priced as upgrades from other companies. I have a few of their rack attachments and I look forward to seeing what else they come out with so I can continuing upgrading mine.

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