GR3 Lite Front Foot Extension Pair

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These front foot extensions come in a pair and are required for all Griffin Lite power racks that aren’t bolted to the ground. Whether it’s kipping or benching outside the rack with spotter arms, have some peace of mind when it comes to safety and security.

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The Griffin front foot extensions are built for the GR3 Lite power rack and are meant for any training that is done outside the rack. These front foot extensions are sleek and maintain a low profile so you’re not going to trip over them. Not only is this a safety no-brainer, but it is also required if you are planning on using spotter arms outside the rack, especially if it isn’t bolted down. Because you’re able to train outside your rack with front foot extensions, exercises like benching, squatting, or even training with another partner on the rack are all possible. These front foot extensions add 25” from the base of your rack, are easy to install, and have holes for accessories and attachments like band pegs.


WEIGHT30 lbs


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GR3 Lite Front Foot Extension Pair
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