GR3 Lite Strap Safeties

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These thick safety straps have your back. Featuring thick, bent 0-gauge steel, hitch pins for easy maneuverability, industrial bolts, and reinforced nylon straps, these are the perfect addition to your rack for peace of mind when lifting.

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The GR3 Lite strap safeties are a great choice for missed lifts in the long run. When it comes to superior barbell protection, these are the way to go. Our first version featured a j-cup style, but these new strap safeties are now easier than ever to move up and down the rack. Hitch pins also allow you to quickly and securely remove the strap whenever you need to. These still have the same durable nylon material and heavy-duty bolts that allow heavy loads, and prevent metal to metal contact. The straps are compatible with 30″ depth racks and have 5/8” pin design.


WEIGHT8 lbs (each)
MATERIAL0-gauge steel and nylon

2 reviews for GR3 Lite Strap Safeties

  1. 5 out of 5


    These are a great upgrade to any other strap safeties out in the market. I bought these for my PR-4000. Highly recommend them!

  2. 5 out of 5


    This is the best design available currently for strap safeties in my opinion with regards to the rack attachment style, ease of adjustment, ability to easily remove and protection of the rack. This style, similar to Sorinex and Rouge, is the most secure especially compared to the J-cup style that is usually available for 5/8″ racks. There is no way this can accidentally detach from the rack while lifting and cause injury. It can be easily adjusted like others of the this style- hinge it back until the pin slides out then move it up and down the rack and reinsert the pin. The weight of the cup and design holds the pin firmly in position. The main innovation here is Griffin’s attention to detail with the cotter pin secured hitch pins that can be easily removed to take either the strap off to make big adjustments one side at a time or to take the entire cup off the rack post (easily but maybe not quickly due to included plastic washers that have to be removed and replaced when removing/installing the pins). I replaced the included strap hitch pin with a 3/4″ loop style hitch pin (with linch pin) from tractor supply and deleted the plastic washers to speed removing the strap and allowing for large adjustments one side at a time but I appreciate Griffin including the plastic washers for additional protection. Plastic plates protect all sides of the rack post and a plastic sleeve on the lower hitch pin protects the inside of the post when moving the cup up/down. The pins are smooth so no threads will chew into the strap like on other brand’s safeties. I was a little concerned about the strength of the 5/8″ steel pin compared to 3/4″ or 1″ that you typically see with this style of strap safety but was assured by customer service that it is rated to 1000lbs and was drop tested in at their headquarters. They didn’t state the specifics of the drop test setup or have a video which would be nice for peace of mind. I remember being thoroughly convinced of Titan’s updated safety straps with Coop’s extreme drop test video of 800lbs from shoulder height to a level low safety level. In any case, these are the best from a functionality stand point you can buy at a very reasonable price. The packaging was also very good- even survived being delivered on the sidewalk in a downpour for 30 minutes before I got home to get them inside- remained dry due to the quality of the cardboard and bubblewrap. The website lacks some info so check out this Youtube video of a hands-on quick review of these at Griffin’s headquarters-

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