GR3 Strap Safeties

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Our newly designed strap safeties are better than ever. Featuring thick, bent metal, hitch pins for easy maneuverability, industrial bolts, and reinforced nylon straps, these are the perfect addition to your rack for peace of mind.

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The GR3 strap safeties are a great choice for missed lifts in the long run. When it comes to superior barbell protection, these are the way to go. Our first version featured a j-cup style, but these new strap safeties are now easier than ever to move up and down the rack. Hitch pins also allow you to quickly and securely remove the strap whenever you need to. These still have the same durable nylon material and heavy-duty bolts that allow heavy loads, and prevent metal to metal contact. The straps are compatible with 30″ depth racks and have 1” pin design.


WEIGHT8 lbs (each)
MATERIAL0-gauge steel and nylon


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